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Freetown Fries

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   The gourmet food truck scene has exploded in Lafayette, beginning quietly about a couple of years ago with trucks such as Viva La Waffle serving unique sandwich fixings on waffles and now stretching to about a dozen trucks on any given day. A roundup of most or all of the trucks, sponsored by E’s Kitchen, a store offering kitchen accessories, is held the first Saturday of each month in the parking lot of Parc Lafayette, attracting quite a crowd.

   For Marla Kristicevich, the idea for her Freetown Fries truck began in Portland, Ore., where a gourmet food truck trend was happening. She envisioned a similar culinary fad for Lafayette given that the town is known for its festivals and outdoor music events.

    Kristicevich serves up meals based on fresh hand-cut french fries that are lightly fried in peanut oil and range from Poo-yie Fry with beef roast gravy, queso cheese, green onions and a dash of cayenne pepper to Mediterranean Fry with garlic hummus, feta cheese, olives and spices. On Fridays, she serves catfish and fries, a Cajun take on fish and chips. For Mardi Gras, her King Cake Fry featured sweet potatoes with a multi-colored glaze on top.

    The idea for Freetown Fries actually had its origins in Canada, where the original Cajuns lived before being expelled by the British and heading to Louisiana. Poutine is a French-Canadian dish of french fries topped with gravy and cheese. Kristicevich wondered why Cajuns didn’t enjoy french fries the same way, although Freetown Fries’ version may be more flavorful and inventive than its Northern kin.

    “Mine are fun and creative and the Cajun cousin to the Canadian poutine,” she says.

    Freetown Fries, like many of the new trucks on the market, uses fresh ingredients and a healthier way of cooking. Kristicevich uses nothing frozen, for instance. “It keeps me honorable,” she says.

    The name of the truck comes from the Lafayette neighborhood in which Kristicevich lives.

    Even though she loves her mobility, Kristicevich’s dream for Lafayette is a city park where the trucks can gather on a regular basis. “I think it would be a smart choice to make,” she says. “It’d be a nice draw because we’re such an eat-friendly town.”
    Most of the Lafayette trucks can be found on Facebook, and they announce their locations daily. For the monthly roundup, visit E’s Kitchen’s website at

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