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Former litigator in Lafayette now thrives in real estate law

Photo by Romero & Romero

Fresh out of law school, Yvette Dumas learned early on that litigating is “a fight.”

A green attorney, who transitioned into law later than most after working a decade for an Arkansas CPA in the 1990s, Dumas handled medical malpractice cases (specifically mesothelioma suits) for close to a year. Though she thrived in the role, the demands wore on Dumas. The constant battles began to get old, so Dumas shifted her legal specialization to real estate law and hasn’t strayed since.

What’s the difference between the two gigs?

Well, as Dumas says in a boisterous tone that can push rain clouds away, real estate law is a fight, too. It’s just here — in this arena — there are two winners after the smoke clears: an enthused buyer and a satisfied seller.  

“When you go into real estate, everybody’s happy,” Dumas says. “So it’s a different realm. I didn’t like the conflict, and so that’s when I switched to real estate law. The law firm I work for now, this is where I always wanted to work. It’s a great set-up with a bunch of happy clients. It’s a job where you can’t wait to get to work.”

As an attorney for Bradley Moreau Title — the largest real estate law firm in Lafayette — handles pretty much every aspect of the property-buying or property-selling spectrum. Residential sales, commercial sales, short or relocation sales, refinances and second mortgages, home equity loans and, of course, the closing and title process.

Though Dumas has only been at Bradley Moreau for two years, she brought with her more than a decade of real estate law experience upon her hiring.

“Our goal is to have a buyer that’s not surprised,” Dumas says. “That they know exactly what they’re purchasing and try to make it a pleasant experience for them.”

That objective is especially true when Dumas takes on a young couple that has been renting for years and are now at a point in life where they’re looking to buy. Always a consummate professional, Dumas takes on a bit of a maternal role in these types of attorney-client pairings, quelling fears and thoroughly explaining every step along the way of this foreign process.  

“First-time home buyers are fun to work with, because at that point, that’s probably the biggest purchase of their lives,” Dumas says. “So you’re excited for them. They’re excited, too, but they’re scared at the same time. So we take them through the whole situation, which in the end is fun. We’ll walk them through each stage, and go the extra mile to make this an enjoyable experience. The goal is to get people the home of their dreams and make it an easy process.

“A lot of times, when people buy their first house with us, they’ll come back because they view us almost like a friend,” Dumas says. “It doesn’t matter if they’re coming to re-finance or looking to buy an investment property. We’ll see them time and time again.”

Though Yvette Dumas of Bradley Moreau Title in Lafayette finished her law degree at Louisiana State University, she spent the first year of law school at Loyola University Law School in New Orleans.

Dumas earned a B.A at. Louisiana Tech University – 1989 and her doctor of jurisprudence at LSU – 2003.

Gardening is one of Dumas' favorite out-of-office passions. She also owns four Chihuahuas.


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