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Aug 1, 201411:01 AM
The Lighter Side

Exploring the humor and peculiarities of the Big Easy

I'm So New Orleans, #HonestTransplant Edition


I'm sure everyone has seen it by now ... the #ImSoNewOrleans tag on Twitter and Facebook ... it's actually now a thing of the past .. but that's the trouble with having a bi-weekly blog. Sometimes things pass by so quickly, that by the time I can write about it, it's very tired and old news.
Internet memes come and go so fast. They're insanely popular one day, and then by the time you see your mom participating in one, you know it's done ... not cool anymore.
And by the time someone starts making anti-memes, you know it's seriously not cool anymore. It's now cool to hate on said internet meme, with more internet memes.
And so we get the backlash tag. Anyone still participating in #ImSoNewOrleans ... is now NOT New Orleans at all. It's unacceptable. The whole thing has now become so annoying, that only those transplant people are doing it.
So now that it's probably only transplants and grandmas still doing #ImSoNewOrleans, I've decided to make mine honest.
#HonestTransplant #ImSoNewOrleans
#ImSoNewOrleans ... I eat a roast beef po boy with a knife and fork.
#ImSoNewOrleans ... I go straight for the corn at a crawfish boil.
#ImSoNewOrleans ... it doesn't phase me when kids call me "Annie" instead of "Miss Annie".
#ImSoNewOrleans ... I'll eat red beans & rice on a Tuesday.
#ImSoNewOrleans ... I enjoy hanging out in the French Quarter from time to time, even Bourbon St.
#ImSoNewOrleans ... that making a U-turn feels inherently wrong.
#ImSoNewOrleans ... I pronounce pralines, PRAY-lines ... and my husband always corrects me. I can't help it.
#ImSoNewOrleans ... that it feels clandestine when I walk down the street with an open container.
#ImSoNewOrleans ... that I sometimes call a "go cup" a "to-go cup" and people snicker at me.
#ImSoNewOrleans ... that as a transplant, I roll my eyes at other transplants ... including myself.
#ImSoNewOrleans ... I still get Houma and Harahan mixed up.
#ImSoNewOrleans ... I thought Treme was kind of boring (don't hate me). 
#ImSoNewOrleans ... I flinch when someone greets me with a kiss on the cheek.
#ImSoNewOrleans ... a few inches of snow or temperatures in the single digits doesn't phase me.
#ImSoNewOrleans ... I'm sometimes stupid enough to go outside without sunscreen and bug repellent in the summer.
#ImSoNewOrleans ... I was chastised the other day for being kind of grossed out while peeling shrimp.
#ImSoNewOrleans ... I prefer the Voodoo Festival to Jazz Fest (don't hate me).
#ImSoNewOrleans ... I love bounce music (that one might actually be #SoNewOrleans)
#ImSoNewOrleans ... that I stay inside during the daytime in the summer. It's SO HOT OUT THERE!
#ImSoNewOrleans ... that I rarely venture outside of New Orleans by crossing a river or a lake.
#ImSoNewOrleans ... I have no idea where you got dem shoes.
That last one is a joke, I swear.

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The Lighter Side

Exploring the humor and peculiarities of the Big Easy


Annie Drummond is a graphic designer and artist from Columbus, Ohio. She has a degree from the Columbus College of Art & Design. Two years ago she made the move from the Midwest to New Orleans' Bywater neighborhood and fell deeply in love as she discovered the rhythms and traditions of her new city. In addition to The Lighter Side, she writes about food, art and design (and other stuff) at www.AnniedelaDolce.com.




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