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Jan 20, 201609:10 AM
Bon Vivant

Design, entertaining and good living with New Orleans Bride and Homes & Lifestyles editor Melanie Warner Spencer

Only in New Orleans

Words and phrases familiar to New Orleanians

photos by melanie warner spencer

Technically, Feb. 2, 2014 is the date Mark and I moved to New Orleans. But since we happened to move in at the beginning of Carnival that year, we tend to think of the season as our anniversary. Also, due to some bizarre church calendar math and luck, while this is the anniversary of our second year in New Orleans, it’s our third Carnival. During our time here, I’ve started to notice phrases being uttered around the house that I never thought I’d hear. For example, when we were decorating the living room in its Mardi Gras finery, Mark said, “Where’s my green, yellow and purple boa?” In case you missed it, that’s his boa, not mine. For the record, mine is pink and purple and is currently living with a gorgeous blonde gal in Houston, but that’s another story. So, in this very special Carnival edition of Bon Vivant (possibly one of several in the coming weeks, but we’ll see how it goes), here’s a list of phrases familiar to the inhabitants of New Orleans and also possibly burlesque dancers. (Note: Not all of these are specific to Carnival season, since costuming and parading tends to happen throughout the year for various celebrations. Or no reason at all.) 

“Should we wear costumes?”

“Bring some go-cups.”

“We need more wigs.”

“Do we have glitter?”

“I think I’ll wear a cape.”

“Should I tape or glue the horse on this hat?”

“I took a bag of beads to the face.”

“Can’t you just grab something from your costume closet?”

“How many bottles of champagne fit in your bike basket?”

“Should I pay my red light ticket or buy another sparkly cat suit.”

“We need more hats.”

“I should probably put the mascara on you, since you’ve never done it before, Mark.”

“We need more glitter.”

“I just saw a guy ride by on a bike playing a flute.”

“Did you hear they are putting Solange Knowles in the shoe?”

“You need a riding crop.”

“We had a gathering to celebrate our street getting pothole of the day on WGNO.”

“Since we don’t have space for a costume closet, should we get a big trunk?”

“I have to get to a corset fitting.”

“Do you think we have enough decorative mesh for the porch?”

“I think I just saw Big Freedia walking up Louisiana.”

“Alyson got the baby in the last one, so she’s bringing the King Cake.”

“My bike needs a go-cup holder.”

“I can meet you at 6 p.m., but I’ll be dressed like a 18th Century equestrian.”

“Can you take drinks into Fresh Market?”

“Should I buy these glitter boots?”

“How do I get this glitter off of my face? Floor? Clothing?”





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Bon Vivant

Design, entertaining and good living with New Orleans Bride and Homes & Lifestyles editor Melanie Warner Spencer


Melanie Warner Spencer is a native Kentuckian, but says she got to New Orleans as fast as she could. For more than 16 years, Melanie has covered lifestyle, design and entertainment at various publications, serving as the design columnist at The Austin American-Statesman, a senior staff reporter at the Houston Chronicle and most recently as the editor-in-chief of Houston Brides magazine. Her work also has appeared in the Chicago Tribune, the Huffington Post and Reuters in the United States and across the globe. In her spare time, Melanie is an award-winning fine art photographer and has been honored by the Texas Press Association for her editorial photography. She also has been honored by the Press Club of New Orleans for its Excellence in Journalism Awards and is currently serving as a media member of the board of directors. Cooking and eating fabulous food and taking road trips with her spouse of 16 years, fellow writer and filmmaker Mark Patrick Spencer however, is at the top of her list of favorite pastimes. Click here to like Spencer's Facebook page and follow her on Twitter @MelanieSpencer. 


You can reach her at melanie@myneworleans.com.




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