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Jul 27, 201808:00 AM
Ça C'est Bon

The official blog of Acadiana Profile, offering up a heaping helping of fun from around the region.

(Yacht) Rock the Boat

Yacht rock party mixes drinks, local juggernauts

Last week, in a group chat my friends and I call "Geauxssip Girls," one of the girls jokingly lamented her upcoming 30th birthday. My phone pinged with her proposal or then-undetermined big birthday plans. “So, what should we do for my funeral?”

That’s all it took. We grabbed tarot cards, candles, a Ouija board, and showed up to her house wearing all black. My fortune said I am on the cusp of making big connections. My hangover said I really enjoy rose’.  It was certainly the most fun I’ve ever had at a funeral.

What can I say? I love a theme party. Taking a current event or an inside joke to new heights and making memories out of it sets an accessible tone. You know what to wear. You know what to expect when you get there. You also know you contributed to something unique and memorable in a thoughtful way.

This Friday at 7 p.m., Social Entertainment Productions On The Rocks a Yacht Rockin’ Cocktail Cruise, will be underway in the lot adjacent to the Jefferson Street Pub for a refreshing midsummer treat. What is Yacht Rock? The late-1970s/early 1980s mellow music I imagine teenagers in the '70s danced to at prom. DJ Digital will play soft rock for attendees on a makeshift dance floor so you can literally dance into the sunset.

Vaseline over the lens. Feathered hair. Hall and/or Oates.

CENTRAL Pizza + Bar bartender Paige Tait Hanson will craft six Swamp Pop “Poptails” special to the event. The event’s $20 tickets/boarding pass includes two ounce samples of each of the available the poptails, and complimentary bites from CENTRAL. Once the party winds down at 10 p.m., the official afterparty will cruise into Jefferson Street Pub.

The official attire for the event is Tropi-cool. Genterie Supply Co. is the official attire partner.

There’s something about late summer that is particularly wistful for me. Perhaps it is the lingering sense of an upcoming school year. The late-summer haze makes my memory shimmer at the edges. Everything is a little softer when we are further away.

As a culture, we are oscillating between decades. Sonically and aesthetically, there are more and more nods to the seventies as of late. Walk into any boutique, and you’ll find bell bottoms and John Lennon glasses, and I expect this trend will continue into the fall. Musically, I believe after the recent wave of EDM’s mainstream resurgence, we are in for another 180. On The Rocks is a fun way to engage in what I believe will be a ubiquitous trend for months on end, and you’ll help local businesses and creators in the process.

Tickets to On The Rocks are available through Social Entertainment’s website, socialentertainment.net, or Eventbrite. Must be 21 to purchase.



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Ça C'est Bon

The official blog of Acadiana Profile, offering up a heaping helping of fun from around the region.


Ashley Hinson is a writer with a concentration in music, arts and culture. She is most interested in understanding how artists think and create, and what inspires their work. Having written across several parishes in Acadiana, she is deeply familiar with its ins and outs, its highways and dancehalls.

Hinson graduated from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette in 2015 with a Bachelor’s in English. Her work has been published by regional newspapers and magazines as well as The Associated Press. She is also in school for nursing at Louisiana State University at Eunice.





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