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Jan 3, 201808:05 AM
Drink Up, NOLA

Changing the way you cocktail in the Big Easy

Romantic Bars in New Orleans


It’s here, 2018! And what a great time to head out on the town and enjoy the most romantic bars in the city.

The Sazerac Bar in the CBD is a great place to imbibe on the signature cocktail of New Orleans. The location is nothing but elegant with a walnut bar, murals and the Ascot Cup from 1878. The Sazerac is authentic, delicious and crave worthy. Sip here and enjoy the atmosphere while snuggling up to history, class and sophistication.

CellarDoor in the Warehouse District is another perfect space to sip on the classics. It’s snuggled in the downtown area and, we assume, among one of the oldest structures to grace downtown. Long front windows, exposed brick, grand chandeliers and carefully constructed woodwork make the place a warm and inviting atmosphere for you and a date or a group of friends.

If its wine you love, Patrick’s Bar Vin is just the place for you and yours. This French Quarter favorite is elegant, and so comfy you may never want to leave. There is an extensive wine list that often turns strangers into friends by the end of the night. From locals to wine lovers from around the globe, you never know who you’ll run into here. In addition to the lengthy wine selections, Bar Vin is a great place for a craft cocktail. The beauty here is that the team caters to everyone from the casual wine lover up to the most sophisticated palate. And don't forget to ask about the personal wine lockers. At Bar Vin you’ll get a sip of pleasure and romance in the Vieux Carre.

We would be remiss if we didn’t mention Arnaud's French 75 Bar in the French Quarter. It’s one of the oldest and most respected watering holes in this historic part of town. It's full of antique decorations and the servers are sure to show up in tuxedos. The main emphasis is on premium spirits and classic cocktails. If you're serious about stepping back in time and enjoying cocktails in an old world feel, this is the spot.

With personality galore, Loa Bar in the CBD screams of sexy nightlife and amazing craft cocktails. Here romance takes center stage with plush velvet couches and stools, candlelight throughout and a beautifully crafted bar. Ingredients here are fresh and sure to stir your senses. In a word, this place is flirty with a hint of seduction plus a sprinkle of mystery.

These of course are just of few places to check out for romantic vibes and intimate settings. Love is all around us in 2018 and we will raise a glass to that!

If you have a romantic bar that you love, let us know. We would love to share your experience and share it with the world. Cheers!



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Drink Up, NOLA

Changing the way you cocktail in the Big Easy


Daniel Victory is creator and owner of Victory and New Orleans Drink Lab. He has been lauded as a pioneer of the New Orleans "craft cocktail" emergence and is considered one of the most engaging ambassadors of the Crescent City. 

His dedication to preserving the artistry and sophistication of classic cocktail creation, as well as the ambiance and high standard of service set forth by many generations old bartenders, sets Daniel Victory apart from the rest. 

Daniel Victory said, “If bartending was a science then every martini would be the exactly the same (at least everyone using the same brand). Exact measurements of all the ingredients would yield exactly the same drink. It’s simple scientific method — a system of repeatable experiments that yield the same results. However, anyone who has ever had martinis will tell you, they are not all the same.”

To Victory, bartending is an art form.

By 2009 Victory garnered international acclaim after being recognized as one of the top 5 bartenders in GQ Magazine/Bombay Sapphires “Most Inspired Bartender” contest. After appearing in the December 2009 issue of GQ, Daniel traveled the world as a National Ambassador for Bombay Sapphire. After a year of never being in the same place more than 3 nights and a whirlwind of knowledge he decided it was time to return home, plant his roots and explore cocktail consulting.

In an effort to preserve everything he learned, Daniel became one of the founders and lead educators of the Crescent City School of Bartending and influential in establishing The Flo Woodward Memorial Scholarship.

Daniel is a graduate of the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Program and the Goldman Sachs & Bloomberg LP Business Coaching program.

The next step in leaving his imprint on his hometown is Victory. Nestled in between the Central Business District and New Orleans’ famed Canal Street, stands the physical combination of his aesthetic, travels, smarts & history. Victory has high standards and is often found molding the next generation of bartenders.

In 2015 Victory expanded his vision and yet again put his skills to work. The Old New Orleans Drink Lab is born. A groovy, old world feel where cocktail history and education are his top priority. Here you'll learn to make Crescent City classic cocktails and get the history along with it.

With Victory constantly mixing things up, there’s no sign of slowing down.





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