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Dec 26, 201708:00 AM
Full Sport Press

'The games we play in New Orleans and beyond'

Thank You 2017

Taking a moment to look back


I know I keep it loose around this little corner of the internet and this was supposed to be a funny end of year list where I hand out presents or awards to local and national sports folk with a side of sarcasm and wit. Instead, as I’m literally writing this right now, my fingers are telling me I should switch it up and just tell you what I’m thankful for today. Don’t worry. I promise sports are in here too.

I am thankful to the New Orleans Saints for making this an awesome year of entertainment and raising the spirit of the city with their play.

I am thankful for knowing that sport is only that — entertainment. It is something to watch with our kids and friends and pass an afternoon away.

You know what’s a great sport? Playing catch with your little four-legged friends. There are plenty of shelters like Animal Rescue New Orleans doing great work. So, lets help them out this year.

I’m thankful for last year’s New Orleans Privateers basketball team and their unexpected run to March Madness. Say it with me folks, the Privateers are the reigning Southland Conference Champions. Pretty cool, right?

I’m thankful to the city, Volunteers of America and every other organization for their efforts in housing the homeless and disadvantaged.

I’m thankful to the New Orleans Pelicans’ management for putting Anthony Davis, DeMarcus Cousins, Rajon Rondo and Darius Miller on the same team and making my blue and white Kentucky heart sing.

*Photo by The Associated Press

I am thankful for bourbon.

I’m thankful for being in the right place at the right time and getting the opportunity to push a stranger in his wheelchair up St. Charles. His raising his feet and yelling, “Wheeeee,” was icing on the cake.

I’m thankful for the crowds at the Superdome. You’re easily the coolest and most welcoming folks at any stadium I’ve ever visited.

I’m thankful for setting up a monthly donation to Zeus Rescues. The notification on our calendar always makes me smile.

I’m thankful for my editors Kelly Massicot and Melanie Spencer who make my humble scribblings look and sound much cooler.

I’m thankful for every reader who has reached out to me. Whether it was to commiserate about the loss of my cat Cleo or to give me hell about monument removal. I appreciated every single response.

*Cleo The Cat

I’m thankful for the woman driving by who yelled, “You’re awesome,” as me and two strangers pushed another stranger’s car down St. Charles to the gas station.

I’m thankful for college baseball. In a time where college football and basketball reek of corruption, college baseball still feels slightly untainted and good.

I’m thankful for Coach Fritz and Green Wave football. This year’s team put a buzz in Uptown and the future is bright. Oh, by the way, #BanksWasIn.

I’m thankful for you.

I hope you made it through 2017 with a smile on your face and all of your dreams come true in 2018. Let’s look out for one another. Let’s love one another. Life is too short not to help each other out.

Who Dat. 



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Full Sport Press

'The games we play in New Orleans and beyond'



Mark Patrick Spencer is a writer and assistant director whose work has published in the pages of many literary journals, including Hobart and Midwestern Gothic

Spencer has worked in the entertainment business for 10 years. He broke into film as a production assistant on the football-based "Friday Night Lights," in Austin, Texas. Spencer moved to New Orleans in 2014, and has assistant directed films such as "By Way of Helena," and "Kickboxer: Vengeance."

Spencer lives in Uptown, where he can be found sitting on his porch telling lies about how great he was during his high school football years. 

Contact Spencer at markspencer7@gmail.com and follow him on Twitter at @TheSonOfNoise. Follow Full Sport Press at @FullSportNOLA.






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