November 2011

Gecan Speakin'

From Web Editor Alex Gecan

"The Answers Are Never What We Thought They Were Going to Be"

R. Reese Fuller discusses his new book, the state of Louisiana and the nature of language, among other things


New Orleans as a Character

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Gecan Speakin'

From Web Editor Alex Gecan


Alex Gecan (it's a hard "c") is a Yankee and a carpetbagger. Despite these failings, he wisely moved to New Orleans in 2002. In 2008, he joined Renaissance Publishing as a humble intern. Since then, he has covered state politics and elections for The Trentonian in New Jersey, local news and events for The Brooklyn Ink in New York and penned a bevy of freelance articles. He eventually came full circle to rejoin Renaissance as Web Editor.




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