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Jun 27, 201309:33 AM
Haute Plates

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A Good Deal at GW Fins and a Chip Review

Courtesy of facebook.com/GWFins

Hey kids, you know what I love? I love press releases. No, seriously, press releases are great because I get to share information with you that's accurate and timely. For example, did you know that GW Fins is putting on a 3-course menu from July 7 through Aug. 29 for $35?


No? Well then let me share the press release with you: 


(June, 2013)  NEW ORLEANS, LA  --  The owners of GW Fins’ have created a great reason to celebrate summer in New Orleans.  From July 7th through August 29th, every Sunday through Thursday, GW Fins will offer an incredible three course “Fins Feast” menu priced at $35.

Due to the fact that GW Fins prints its menu daily based on the freshest fish available around the globe on that day, the Fins Feast Menu will also change daily and include the freshest seafood available at that moment.  Each evening there will be three choices of appetizers, entrees and desserts, with each of these dishes being specifically created for the “Fins Feast” Menu.

A sampling of some of the appetizers that guests can choose from include the following: Olive Oil poached #1 Gulf Yellowfin Tuna Salad stuffed Creole tomato with deviled eggs and Green Goddess dressing, Seafood Coctel Veracruz with Shrimp, Crabmeat and Squid, and Salmon tartare with capers and Vidalia onions, crispy parsnips and fresh horseradish.

The Entrée course will feature dishes such as Louisiana Barbeque Shrimp with Stone Ground Grits, Gulf seafood cassoulet with shrimp, sausage, canneloni beans and a cheese crust, Sauteed sheepshead with spoonbread, country ham and crawfish maque choux, Gulf Seafood Cioppino with Shrimp, Crab, Crawfish and local finfish, and Wood grilled drum with Vietnamese style mirliton slaw, blue crab fritters and chili oil.

Dessert choices include an Ice cream sandwich with coconut sorbet, Flourless chocolate cake, Pecan Pie, Panna Cotta and Frozen Fruit Soufflé.


How about that? The magic of press releases!


You know what else is magic? It is magic when people send me things in the mail. It is even more magic when the things people send me in the mail are edible. I mean, intended to be edible. I sometimes have trouble distinguishing...


So today I received a huge box in my office that, when I opened it, turned out to contain a ton of potato chips from some blokes at Tyrrell's. Now I'm no stranger to receiving things in the mail, or even edible things for that matter. I don't write about most of the things I receive because most of the things I receive suck.


The potato chips I got in the mail today do not suck. In fact, I think they're really good. They call them chips in the US, I guess, but in the home country, they're crisps. I don't think it matters, really, but you may disagree.


Okay, here's my complaint about the things; they're too cute with the advertising, and what the hell is a “Herefordshire” potato? You know potatoes are not native to the UK, right? I don't know what magic you've worked in the shire, but potatoes and tomatoes and chiles and a whole bunch of other things that are included in the ingredient list of these chips are no more English than Cristiano Ronaldo or Eric Cantona.


All of the chips were good, in that all of them were appropriately crisp. The sea salt and apple cider vinegar chips were probably my favorite, and that's unusual, because usually I find those types of chips too acidic. These were balanced, though; almost rich. I also liked the mature cheddar and chive, though the cheese wasn't as pronounced as I'd have liked. The sweet “chilli” and red pepper was good, but similarly not quite as spicy as I wanted.


My 1-year-old was more taken with the vegetable crisps; beet, parsnip and carrot chips that like the other chips tasted a lot more rich than I expected.


I got the chips for free, in a huge box, and that may have colored my opinion, but assuming these things don't cost you an arm and a leg, I'd happily recommend Tyrrell's chips to you.


Seriously, that stuff's good, kids.

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Haute Plates

Our weekly blog on the New Orleans fine dining scene


Robert D. Peyton was born at Ochsner Hospital and, apart from four years in Tennessee for college and three years in Baton Rouge for law school, has lived in New Orleans his entire life. He is a strong believer in the importance of food to our local culture and in the importance of our local food culture, generally. He has practiced law since 1994, and began writing about food on his website, www.appetites.us, in 1999. He mainly wrote about partying that year, obviously.

In 2006, New Orleans Magazine named Appetites the best food blog in New Orleans. The choice was made relatively easy due to the fact that Appetites was, at the time, the only food blog in New Orleans.

He began writing the Restaurant Insider column for New Orleans Magazine in 2007 and has been published in St. Charles Avenue, Louisiana Life and New Orleans Homes and Lifestyles magazines. He is the only person he knows personally who has been interviewed in GQ magazine, albeit for calling Alan Richman a nasty name. He is not proud of that, incidentally. (Yes, he is.)

Robert’s maternal grandmother is responsible for his love of good food, and he has never since had fried chicken or homemade biscuits as good as hers. He developed his curiosity about restaurant cooking in part from the venerable PBS cooking show "Great Chefs" and has an extensive collection of cookbooks, many of which do not require coloring, and some of which have not been defaced.

Robert lives in Mid-City with his wife Eve and their three children, and is fond of receiving comments and emails. Please humor him.




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