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Apr 3, 201811:13 AM
Let Them Eat Cake

The official blog of New Orleans Bride Magazine, offering a daily dose of all things weddings

Setting the Tone

5 Exercises to Tone Your Upper Body and Trim Your Waist

In the Winter/Spring 2016 issue of New Orleans Bride, we spoke to Janet “B-Train” Bertrand, a director of fitness at Fitness Quest 10 in San Diego, California for the speediest ways to toned perfection.

Waist Trimmer
Start lying on your side, with feet stacked and legs straight. Leaning on your elbow, in a side plank position. Raise the arm that is on top and free, and begin rotating it downward and under your body. Tilt your body towards the ground lightly, while contracting your abs and holding your self in place. Then raise the top arm back to starting position. Continue to sweep the arm back and forth under your body, rotating toward the ground then back to the side. Complete 3 sets of 8-10 repetitions.


T-Dip Plus
Begin by sitting on a bench or chair. Slide your bottom off the bench while holding your body weight up with your hands, fingers facing away from the bench and palms down. With your legs straight, lower your body 2 to 3 inches, then press up through your triceps. Complete 3 sets of 10 repetitions.

Atomic Sit-up
Begin by lying on your back on the floor with legs straight and arms up over your head, fully stretched out. Then raise your arms over your head moving to your feet. At the same time bend your knees and bring your legs up off the ground. As you’re sitting up, move arms to the outsides of your legs and touch the outsides of your shoes. This looks very similar to a V-up, but is much more doable and yet still challenging. Complete 3 sets of 15.

Pop Ups
Starting in child’s pose position, raise your body up quickly to where you are on just your hands and knees. Once you are there, go into a triceps push-up, making sure your arms are narrow and elbows are brushing against your ribs. Then quickly descend back to a child’s pose. You will pop back and forth quickly between these positions. Complete 3 sets of 10 reps. For an advanced version, pop up to your feet, completing the triceps push ups from your feet then back to child’s pose. Popping back and forth quickly.

Squat and Squeeze
Take a kettle bell you can safely squat. Holding it by the handles on top, let the ball of the kettle bell push up against your chest. Make sure to really squeeze the handles tight through out the movement.  Begin squatting, going down to where your elbows hover above your knees less than an inch. Stay there and squeeze your gluteus and the kettle bell with your hands for 5 seconds. Then rise up to the top, tucking your gluteus and hips in at the top to complete the squat. Do 3 sets of 8 repetitions.






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Let Them Eat Cake

The official blog of New Orleans Bride Magazine, offering a daily dose of all things weddings


“Let Them Eat Cake,” is the official wedding blog of New Orleans Bride Magazine. The LTEC blog is the joint labor of love for Kelly Massicot and Melanie Warner Spencer. Massicot is web and social media editor for Renaissance Publishing, a contributing writer for New Orleans Bride Magazine, wedding junkie and fond lover of cake, especially petit fours from Chateau Coffee Cafe. Spencer is the editor of New Orleans Bride Magazine, writer of the “Bon Vivant” blog and a Francophile obsessed with Marie Antoinette and those tiny cakes from Chateau Coffee Café. You can reach Kelly at Kelly@myneworleans.com and Melanie at Melanie@myneworleans.com.




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