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Aug 14, 201811:55 AM
Let Them Eat Cake

The official blog of New Orleans Bride Magazine, offering a daily dose of all things weddings

Topping it Off

The best accessories for bridal hair

There was a time when all a bride had to decide was whether to wear a tiara or not.  Nowadays, it’s very much the trend for brides to accessorize their hairstyle and take their overall look to the next level.

“Elegant hair pieces such as jeweled pin sets are great for the loosely coiffed updo,” according to Taylor Savoie of Albert Brown Salon in Uptown New Orleans.  

When Jennifer Aniston married Brad Pitt, she complemented her beautiful, long natural hairstyle with a small diamond barrette, but gems can complement all styles, long and short.

Sparkly combs on the side of a chignon or a pixie cut are equally effective. A dainty tiara on an updo looks just as good on tumbling curls, or a polished bob.

Savoie continues, “Floral crowns, fresh flowers and floating flowers are also on trend. A fresh flower pinned into the hair can be a beautiful touch.”

Natural blooms can add a touch of bohemian chic or complement a rustic theme. Single roses can perfect a bouquet and add sophistication.  

“Ornate, vintage jewelry pieces with meaning are my favorite hair accessory,” comments Madeline Brown, hair stylist at The Polite Society in Uptown New Orleans.
“Have a brooch your grandmother always wears? Can’t decide which pair of earrings your mom gave you? Your stylist can turn anything into a hair accessory with a couple of bobby pins.

“For one of my favorite bridal looks, I braided a piece of lace and pearl fabric the bride’s dressmaker sewed with leftover material. It was a one of a kind piece made for her, and it gave the hairstyle more volume."

A long velvet or satin ribbon tied around a ponytail, woven into an updo, or used to frame the face as an Alice band are also simple but dramatic additions.

Feathers on combs slide as easily into tousled tresses as into a ballerina bun.  Depending on the number and size of the feathers they can add whimsy or an Art Deco effect.  

Accessories make for great heirlooms that can be handed down, but brides can also continue incorporating them into other looks long after the “I dos” are done.
Albert Brown Salon, New Orleans, albertbrownsalon.com; The Polite Society, New Orleans, 504-304-6225




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Let Them Eat Cake

The official blog of New Orleans Bride Magazine, offering a daily dose of all things weddings


“Let Them Eat Cake,” is the official wedding blog of New Orleans Bride Magazine. The LTEC blog is the joint labor of love for Kelly Massicot and Melanie Warner Spencer. Massicot is web and social media editor for Renaissance Publishing, a contributing writer for New Orleans Bride Magazine, wedding junkie and fond lover of cake, especially petit fours from Chateau Coffee Cafe. Spencer is the editor of New Orleans Bride Magazine, writer of the “Bon Vivant” blog and a Francophile obsessed with Marie Antoinette and those tiny cakes from Chateau Coffee Café. You can reach Kelly at Kelly@myneworleans.com and Melanie at Melanie@myneworleans.com.




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