Oct 12, 200912:00 AM
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Errol Laborde: Why the Saints Winning the Super Bowl Would Mean Even More Than You Might Think

For New Orleanians the experience is untested, but we can imagine the benefits of being the home of a Super Bowl champion: pride, morale, a boost in visitors, a push for the economy, a certain swagger — walkin’ a walk that we have never walked before.
There is, however, one more big advantage that could not be experienced by any other team in any other year but the Saints this season.

Consider this:
Next year is the fifth anniversary of Katrina. Imagine if the Saints go into the 2010 season as defending champions. Think back how far the team will have come from the horrid 2005 season. Remember the Alamo –– more specifically, San Antonio, the team’s home base that season? Remember that city’s mayor popping off that the Saints wanted to permanently relocate there? Remember Channel 4 reporter Lee Zurik confronting Tom Benson on his front lawn and asking if the comments were true? Remember the games played at Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge and the dismal attendance? Remember how poorly the Saints played? (The team only won three games the entire season, one fewer than they have already won this year.) The only person grinning that season was quarterback Aaron Brooks every time he dropped a snap.

Now look where the city will be within five years, even without the big trophy. The Saints have signed a long-term deal with the Superdome. Tom Benson has become a major economic force in the community. He is now the developer of the property next to the Dome, owns a TV station and is building a movie industry. Lee Zurik, according to rumors, will be going to work at WVUE, the station owned by Benson. Saints games are sold out for the third year in a row. Saints quarterback Drew Brees doesn’t drop snaps but rather completes passes. He’s also one of the classiest guys in the league.

Add a Super Bowl championship to this, and you will have something damn close to a miracle — a moment that should be frozen and placed in the Football Hall of Fame or better yet, the Smithsonian. This season could be an inspirational movie in the making.

Hang on, everyone. Even if the Saints lose three or four games along the way (heresy, I know), they’re still in great shape for the playoffs. Once there, the Saints’ chances of getting to the big game are much better than they were for the Arizona Cardinals, who did make it there last season.
It is going to be an exciting autumn.

Considering the autumn of 2005, we have paid our dues.

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Reader Comments:
Oct 12, 2009 01:03 pm
 Posted by  Anonymous

Straight to the heart of it, Errol. What a Superbowl would mean to our people and our city is immeasurable. One of the most emotional and memorable moments of my life was September 25, 2006, when the Saints came home to the Dome. My wife and I were there, and my son flew in from L.A. to join us and to be part of that moment in history. We all won far more than a game that day (although beating the Falcons was great fun that night!). I have the gameday tickets framed and on my wall.
My only concern about winning The Big One would be a possible dramatic upswing in fatalities within 24 hours afterwards: All the long-suffering fans who've held onto life and said to themselves, "If the Saints just win the Superbowl, then will I be able to die in peace with a smile on my face." :)

Oct 12, 2009 11:28 pm
 Posted by  linda1949

i was lucky enough to be at the dome opening game 2006 against the atlanta falcons. if you weren't there , i can't explain the
experience, but it was right up there with watching jimmy hendrix from a cornfield in new york in 1969 ( for you youngsters aka woodstock) and watching secretariat charge down the stretch at belmont.

i don't know if i could survive a playoff win, much less the superbowl trophy ( i have a weak heart) but if the saints go all the way, that will be my moment in time.

Oct 16, 2009 09:19 am
 Posted by  Anonymous

"Saints quarterback Drew Brees doesn’t drop snaps but rather completes passes. He’s also one of the classiest guys in the league".
He is a Purdue man. Enough said!

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