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Aug 20, 201310:03 AM
Uptown Life

Lifestyles, Galas and Gaiety from St. Charles Avenue Magazine's Morgan Packard

5 Tips for Visiting Gulf Shores

Morgan Packard is out today, but please enjoy the following blog post, originally published June 5, 2012:

When the temperature heats up in New Orleans, my favorite pastime (as you may have guessed by a previous blog) is to hop in my car and drive the three to four hours to Gulf Shores. Depending on what you’re in the mood for, you can play tourist in the gift shops, eat your way through some of the best fried Gulf seafood available, act the naturalist on a public beach or do it all and more. That said, here are five tips for your next visit:

Pack It Up: While the price of eating out varies, the cost of liquor will be more expensive than you’d like. The answer to this? Bring your own. As long as the bottles or cans are unopened, most states allow one to transport up to 6 gallons (though some states allow more) – FYI, this is under 3 cases if you’re a beer drinker.

No Really, Pack It Up: Since you’re driving you don’t need to worry about baggage limits, so bring everything with you that you could possibly need – sunscreen, hats, changes of clothes (I know I’m a girl, but I truly believe that you should bring more than you expect to wear; who knows, maybe you’ll want to change for dinner), extra shoes for when you get blisters, beach toys (adults can play with beach toys, too), snacks, zipper bags for wet items, extra bathing suits, extra towels, ice ….

Try Something New: Try walking through a giant shark’s mouth into a huge gift shop that, among many other things, offers airbrushing, taffy and great prices on swimsuits. Or try to play three different rounds of pirate-themed putt-putt. Or learn to body surf.

Take It Easy: Even if you’re a micro-manager, this is one time to throw your schedule out the window. It might take a while for you to unplug and unwind (my ER doc Dad needs at least a week to truly relax), but keep trying. You might have to work at relaxing – an odd concept, but one that works for me. Concentrate on it: drop your shoulders, take deep breaths of Gulf air, listen to the waves on the shore…

Yes, And: There’s a game that theater people play as a way to hone their improvisational skills called “Yes, And,” which means taking someone else’s statement, agreeing with it and adding to it – never negating it. This is the perfect time to do this, whether you’re in a group or by yourself. Say yes to everything and see where the saltwater breezes carry you, until they carry you back home.

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Uptown Life

Lifestyles, Galas and Gaiety from St. Charles Avenue Magazine's Morgan Packard


Morgan Packard may not be a native New Orleanian, but with every passing day New Orleans becomes more her home. Attending Newcomb College and gaining her masters from Tulane University, Packard immersed herself in the culture and peculiarities of the Big Easy, the culmination of which was reached when she joined the staff of Renaissance Publishing in May 2006. You can reach Morgan at (504) 830-7227 or morgan@myneworleans.com.




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