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Puppets: A Community Project

Puppets a Popular Activity: Tommy Westervelt and Martha Shober get closeup to puppets with Mrs. John B. Shober, Jr.

Junior League of New Orleans Archives

One of the most exciting events for the Junior League of New Orleans is the annual Touch a Truck event. Held in the spring, it is the result of a year’s worth of planning and organization to bring together the stuff that children’s dreams are made of: fire trucks, ambulances, bulldozers, tow trucks…all at their fingertips for exploring and learning. The purpose is to provide a fun and interactive family experience while still providing education about the services, businesses, and vehicles that protect and build their community.

The Junior League of New Orleans has a long history of providing fun, educational programs. One of its earliest such projects was called “Puppets,” established in 1927. League members made the puppets, created the sets and wrote educational scripts for puppet shows performed at libraries, hospitals and other public venues. After the performances, children were invited “backstage” to meet the puppets and the puppeteers. The program ran through the 1950s and was even nationally recognized in 1952 when they were invited to perform at the National Puppeteers of America, Inc. Festival.

Although times have certainly changed, the Junior League of New Orleans remains committed to Building a Greater New Orleans through programs designed to engage and educate.

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