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A New Year of a Continued Legacy

The 1971-72 officers (from left) Mrs. Edward B. Benjamin, Jr., recording secretary; Mrs. Charles E. Richards, Jr., corresponding secretary; Mrs. Michael J. Rapier, president; Mrs. William B. Conway, vice-president; and Mrs. J. Thomas Lewis, treasurer.

Photos provided by: Louisiana State Museum Historical Center; Gift of the Junior League of New Orleans; Junior League of New Orleans Collection; Record Group 531, 2014.011.01 – 2014.016.039

Summer marks the beginning of a new Junior League year, and with that, a new Board of Directors begins its administration. As the new Board steps into the shoes of the previous Board, we all should take the time to remember that this passing of the gavel has been taking place in the Junior League of New Orleans for almost a century.

Every year as our League continues to grow and prosper, it is thanks to the women who were serving their communities in harder times, in poorer times, in less-feminist times, in less technologically-convenient times. It’s not just last year’s Board who this new Board will be following, but also the Boards from years past.

However, one thing remains the same: every summer Junior League gathers and renews their promise and excitement to continue to serve the community around them. As we appreciate the League we have today, we should remember the women who came before us and get excited to continue the legacy of the Junior League of New Orleans for another year.

The 1968-69 JLNO officers. From left seated, Mrs. Ashton J. Fischer, president, and Mrs. Answer McCollam Jr., vice-president, and standing, Mrs. William L. Van Hoene, recording secretary; Mrs. William S. Rembert Jr., treasurer; Mrs. Peter G. Burke, assistant treasurer and Mrs. Warren K Watters, corresponding secretary.


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