January-February 2011

In This Issue

Easy Rider

Along the Tammany Trace

Simple Soup for a Cold Day

When the weather is bleak, soup and bread are the ultimate comfort foods.

Allons Au Mardi Gras!

Exclusive Statewide Carnival Calendar

Shelby Stanga

History Channel’s ax man has stories to tell.

Carnival Time

great louisiana quiz

Around Louisiana

Regional Reports from across the state

A Guide to Louisiana Festivals

a guide to festivals around the state january-february

People of the Mounds

From Poverty Point to the LSU campus, exploring ancient cultures

Water’s Edge

This Shreveport home was a long time coming but worth the wait.

Country Boredom, Country Fun

Business news from around the state



The ever-growing popularity of reality television has set its sights on the once-little-thought-about industry of timber-harvesting and logging.

Cook Me Something, Mister

16 top foods of the Louisiana Mardi Gras


Elegance of Industry

Photographer Charles Martin chronicles life along the River Parishes.

A compendium of what’s hot and what’s not in Louisiana