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Carnival in New Orleans

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Pictured here are members of the Mondo Kayo Social and Marching Club on Frenchmen Street in New Orleans. If it is true that blondes have more fun, what can be assumed, from this picture, about people whose hair is pink or orange?

A. They don’t have any fun.
B. They are shy.
C. They shun celebrations.
D. They have fun, too.

Frenchmen Street has become a gathering point for some of the most creative costumes in the New Orleans Carnival. In what historic neighborhood is the street located?

A. Faubourg Marigny
B. Vieux Carre
C. Garden District
D. Faubourg Bouligny

Rex, monarch of Carnival’s oldest organization, is the King of Carnival. What is one of Rex’s influences on the statewide celebration of Carnival?

A. Chasing after chickens
B. The colors purple,
green and gold
C. Gumbo along the parade route
D. Throwing cracklins
from the floats

Bogalusa native Henry Roeland Byrd, better known as Professor Longhair, recorded one of Carnival’s classic rhythm and blues songs. What is it?

A. “While We Danced
(at the Mardi Gras)”
B. “Carnival Time”
C. “Mardi Gras Mambo”
D. “Go to the Mardi Gras”

Some of the largest floats for the New Orleans Mardi Gras are built in what community?

A. Metairie
B. Algiers
C. Covington
D. Bordelonville
Your friend’s psychiatrist says that tossing throws from a float might be a good outlet for his anxieties. He figures he has his best chance of getting on where the numbers are big. In terms of riders, what is the largest krewe in all of Carnival?

A. Rex
B. Bacchus
C. Orpheus
D. Endymion

At some high-society balls, the monarchs march in a procession to the music of the “Grand March” from Aida. Who wrote the opera?

A. Wolfgang Mozart
B. Gioachino Rossini
C. Giacomo Puccini
D. Giuseppe Verdi

In 1871 Aida was first performed in a city that is on the same parallel as New Orleans. What is it?

A. Milan
B. Paris
C. Athens
D. Cairo

Movie star Andy Garcia was the monarch of this parade in 2011:

A. Babylon
B. Bacchus
C. Proteus
D. Rex

Your friend tries to tell you that the date of Easter is determined by the date of Mardi Gras. You tell him it is the other way around. Mardi Gras is 40 days, not counting Sundays, before Easter. How is the date of Easter calculated?

A. The first Sunday of spring
B. The first Sunday after the first full moon after the vernal equinox
C. The first Sunday after the last Tuesday prior to the first full sun of the year
D. The 16th Sunday prior to the autumnal equinox

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