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Making the rounds on the state’s daily-fee municipal courses By Kent J. Landry

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Louisiana’s 10 Most Adventurous Golf Course Holes

Hole No. 13: Atchafalaya at Idlewild, Patterson. Par 5 - 536 yards
Feed your inner Tin Cup, and go for the green in two on this double dogleg hole with water in the front and to the right of the green. I have personally made a 13 on this hole … twice!

Hole No. 4: City Park Golf Course, Baton Rouge. Par 4 - 310 yards
This funky little hole features a blind tee-shot from 310 yards away. With the right conditions, the hole — which is downhill — may be drivable. However, you have to hit it over a railroad track and avoid a pond to the right of the green. Watch for trains as you leave the tee-box to try to locate your ball in the wide-open fairway.

Hole No. 18: TPC of Louisiana, Avondale. Par 5 - 585 yards
Come and play where the pros play, even if you don’t play like a pro. The finishing hole of the TPC near New Orleans plays with a slight dogleg right with water inviting your ball for a pool party all the way down the right side of the fairway from tee to green. It’s a great hole to finish your round.

Hole No. 18: Lakewood Golf Club, New Orleans. Par 4 - 444 yards
As a tribute to the New Orleans firefighters, whose pension fund put out the flames of bankruptcy for this course, Hole No. 18 — dubbed “Fire in the Hole” — features a large red sand bunker in the shape of flames. Hit it in there, and your round just might go up in smoke.

Hole No. 6: Gray Plantation Course, Lake Charles. Par 3 – 168 yards
This picturesque little par 3 sits on an inlet of the Calcasieu River; you must have a steady hand and nerves of steel to hit it safely on the tiniest green on the course.

Hole No. 18: Koasati Pines at Coushatta, Kinder. Par 5 – 588 yards
This one-of-a-kind hole attracts the gambler in us all. You can choose to go for the green in two and hit your approach over water or decide to lay up on one of the two fairways that borders the pond on either side.

Hole No. 7: Tamahka Trails, Marksville. Par 4 – 435 yards
This hole requires a cut shot off the tee and then a precise iron to a green that has water in play on the left side. If you hit the ball too far right of the tee, you need to be a magician to get it up and down.

Hole No. 16: Copper Mill, Baton Rouge. Par 4 – 310 yards
Dubbed “Inspiration,” this short par 4 is drivable if a golfer can hit a good drive and use the contours of the fairway to run the ball up to the green. However, be wary of the sneaky water that juts out in front of the green and meanders all along the right side and to the back, penalizing errant approaches.

Hole No. 6: Atchafalaya at Idlewild, Patterson. Par 5 – 635 yards
A massive par 5 that leaves the golfer with an endless array of options, this double dogleg requires a huge cut shot of the tee followed by a big draw. Players can choose to lay up in front of each dogleg or be aggressive and go for the elevated green in two. Be sure to watch the tricky green with its false left side and mounding to the back.

Hole No. 16: Pelican Point, Gonzales. Par 5 – 475 yards
A classic example of risk/reward: Golfers can try to reach the island green in two or lay-up short of the water. Players who choose the latter still have to make a solid shot to get the ball on the green, of which my golfing buddy says, “You’re either on it or you’re not.” This hole will stay with you long after your round is over.

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