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March-April 2017

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In This Issue


Eye of the Beholder

Regular eye examinations can help catch issues before the damage is done

Around The State

Baton Rouge and the Visual Arts

The city’s architecture and museums provide a host of cultural options

Oh Shucks!

Quiet Times at the Capitol

Pomp, circumstance, history and tragedy punctuate ths iconic building


Soldiering On

Baton Rouge military-veteran-turned-doctor dedicates herself to saving people’s soles

Axed in New Orleans

Latest book on the notorious cold case reads like fiction and provides new theories on the gruesome murders


Baton Rouge butcher Jordan Ramirez spices things up with his first retail pepper sauce

Hollywood South’s Ripple Effect

Efforts are underway to sustain a viable industry impacting small businesses throughout Louisiana

Nonstop Travel

5 direct destinations that are just one flight away from LA

House Music

Baton Rouge’s ‘listening room’ provides intimate space for musicians and fans

Cream of the Crop

Mascarpone, cream and crème anglaise are top-of-the-list toppings for berries

March/April Calendar

Events Around the State

Spring Festivals

New Classic

Chef DeWitt Ginn takes the helm at Baton Rouge’s Galatoire’s, holds fast to favorites and adds his own take on new items

Tsunami Sushi

The Sexiest Spot in Baton Rouge

Back at the Ranch

Christina Graci Javanmardi uses timeless design to update a 1955 Baton Rouge ranch home for a growing family

Big Developments

New investments keep jobs growing, visitors coming

Baton Rouge

A Rolling River Town Where Culture Runs Deep