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Great Louisiana Quiz

The Official State Dog

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Pictured here is an example of the official state dog. What is the name of
this type?

A. Catahoula cur
B. Catahoula pincher
C. Catahoula terrier
D. Catahoula pit bull

What is a distinguishing feature of these dogs?

A. Four white paws
B. A symmetrical white
pattern on the chest
C. Eyes that often look blue
D. A bobtail

Your friend’s therapist says he should get a dog. He’s heard about the state dog, and to be patriotic, he decides to get one. He knows the dog is named after Catahoula Parish, so he decides to go there to get one – only he is not sure what town to head to. Which is the parish seat?

A. Catahoula City
B. Winnsboro
C. Harrisonburg
D. Bordelonville

In 1979 the governor of Louisiana signed legislation declaring the Catahoula to
be the official state dog of Louisiana. Who was the governor at that time?

A. Buddy Roemer
B. Dave Treen
C. Mike Foster
D. Edwin Edwards

When Elvis Presley sang “Hound Dog” in Louisiana,
it was most likely at this place where he performed several times:

A. The Louisiana Superdome
B. Shreveport Municipal Memorial Auditorium
C. The Jennings Strand Theater
D. Tiger Stadium

Louisiana artist George Rodrigue is known for this series of paintings:

A. Gaston the Cajun Pup
B. Red River’s Ol’ Red
C. Blue Dog
D. Boudreaux the Boxer

Which type of prey were Catahoulas most commonly used to hunt?

A. Alligators
B. Wild pigs
C. Geese
D. Gaspergou

Your friend buys a Catahoula and decides to name him after the Louisiana town of Cheniere because a buddy at Angola had told him that it was the French word for “dog.” His parole officer had to tell him that he got it wrong.

What is the right French word?

A. Chien
B. Chenchange
C. Cherette
D. Chin

Which Louisiana university has the bulldog
as its mascot?

A. Southeastern Louisiana University
B. Grambling State University
C. McNeese State University
D. Louisiana Tech University

Catahoulas are sometimes referred to by
a name associated with another animal. What is it?

A. Cow catcher
B. Leopard dog
C. Buzzard chaser
D. Sheep runner

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