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A Guide to Great Steaks throughout Louisiana

Stroube’s Chop House

Steven Hronek

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We love a well-cooked steak. We love places where we can celebrate our carnivorous nature, and we love a restaurant that pays attention to what makes a steak great. Not all of the restaurants on this list are, strictly speaking, steakhouses. Nor are all of the good steakhouses in Louisiana represented here. This is a list of restaurants around Louisiana where you can get a great steak; some are upscale, and others are casual.




The Argentines eat a lot of beef. Per capita they rank second in the world for consumption behind Uruguay, because apparently every country has to be first in something, and Uruguay decided it would be “eating beef.” The Argentine love of beef is on display at La Boca. The restaurant offers standards like a strip, ribeye and T-bone, but you can also order a skirt, flank or true hanger steak prepared with the attention you’d expect from a fine-dining restaurant. The fillet is served on the bone, and the grilled sweetbreads are crisp on the outside and meltingly tender on the interior. A great selection of wines from Argentina and elsewhere cements La Boca’s place on our list. The restaurant is located at 857 Fulton St. Call (504) 525-8205 for more information.

There’s no menu at Charlie’s Steakhouse. Steak is your only option apart from the typical accouterments such as onion rings, potatoes au gratin, creamed spinach or a perfunctory salad. In true New Orleans fashion, the steaks; T-bones, fillet and only recently a strip steak come on a sizzling platter that continues to cook the meat as  you dine. Charlie’s was shuttered by Katrina, and until new owners came on board it was one of the most-missed restaurants in the city. You can find Charlie’s at 4510 Dryades St., and you can call (504) 895-9323 to find out more.

Crescent City Steakhouse is the original New Orleans steakhouse. Opened in 1934 by John Vojkovich, the restaurant was the first to serve steaks still sizzling in butter at the table. All of the steaks at Crescent City are prime, even the fillet, which is unusual. Also unusual are the privacy booths which can be closed off with curtains that line one wall of the restaurant. Whether they’re being used for romantic purposes or by some of the many politicians who patronize Crescent City Steakhouse is an open question. You won’t go wrong ordering a steak at Crescent City, but the porterhouse, which comes in sizes for two or three – is always a good bet. Just be aware that “two or three” translates to “three or four” for most appetites. Crescent City Steakhouse is located at 1001 N. Broad Street. To make a reservation call 504 821-3271.  

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