Five Style Tips from Interior Designer Miles Redd

Didn’t make it to his talk at the Ogden? Don’t worry. We’ve got all the home design tips you need from the famous decorator.

Designer Miles Redd

New York-based interior designer Miles Redd stopped by the Ogden Museum of Southern Art Wednesday, April 17, to talk about his book The Big Book of Chic, and to share a few of his design secrets and ideas with the New Orleans audience. The Atlanta native and current creative director for Oscar de la Renta Home shared photos from his first New York apartment, his current New York townhouse and other homes he has worked on to show the crowd some of his design techniques. Below are five of our favorite tips from Redd's presentation.


1. It is okay to be a “maximalist.” While many decorating enthusiasts like to call themselves “minimalists,” Redd called himself a maximalist and added, “Excess is a good thing.” Redd said he enjoys any look that is done well, but he leans toward animal prints, patterns and bright colors.


2. Don’t be afraid to use color, including on the floor. “I love a patterned painted floor,” Redd said during his presentation. He also expressed his love for using color in home decorating, including lots of red, cobalt blue and taxi cab yellow.


3. A bar can be very welcoming. Good news for New Orleanians and their drinking habits. Redd loves to incorporate a bar into his projects, as he thinks bars have a welcoming quality. Redd suggests devoting space in your home to a bar, even if it's just a table.


4. Don’t forget about antiques. Redd said he is a big fan of antiques, and while antiques can be easy to find in New Orleans, he said that many people in other parts of the country prefer to look for new and modern pieces. Redd reiterated his love for antiques and said, “Antiques are so much better made than what we’re doing now.”


5. You can always make a boring piece a chic one. “If there is something ugly, there is always a way to make it beautiful,” Redd said. Painting a boring piece of furniture can give it a new look and spice up a room.


For more design ideas, pick up Redd’s book The Big Book of Chic on Amazon or visit You can also find more photos of Redd's work on the Ogden's Pinterest page.


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