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Buddy in the Spotlight May-June 2014

Buddy in the Spotlight

A Pulitzer-Prize winning photographer unexpectedly shows up at the farm in the middle of a storm, and the family dog steals the show.

Sleek Southern Comfort June - July 2014

Sleek Southern Comfort

The modern allure of a new Lafayette residence strikes a balance between rustic and elegant.

Home away from home May 2014

Home away from home

Creating a comfortable, cozy cubicle for a more appealing workday

Summer Rituals May 2014

Summer Rituals

Lemonade, terrifying cleanses and road trips

Fête Accompli May 2014

Fête Accompli

Keeping it simple, celebratory and fun when co-hosting a party

LOL May 2014


Smartphone adventures

Gaining Control May 2014

Gaining Control

France Enchants May 2014

France Enchants

Antiques dealer Gay Wirth’s home reflects the best of the Old Country