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Sights to Behold June - July 2013

Sights to Behold

In what critics consider a full and accomplished artistic life, Fredric Daspit feels he’s finally reached his zenith despite the limitations of age.

Flipping the Script June - July 2013

Flipping the Script

Although not from central casting, St. Martinville attorney Allan Durand has somehow found himself rubbing elbows with Hollywood’s elite screenwriters.

Interview with Wanda Rouzan April 2013

Interview with Wanda Rouzan

The New Orleans performer and teacher talks about when she started performing, what it was like to be on "Treme" and how she got the nickname Huckle-Buck.

Masters of Their Craft: Cat Kennedy Spring 2013

Masters of Their Craft: Cat Kennedy

This entrepreneur and artist enhances homes with elegance and style. | By Sarah Ravits

Molly McGuire Spring 2013

Molly McGuire

aka Magwire

A Place of Her Own April - May 2013

A Place of Her Own

Lake Charles artist Candice Alexander spent years traversing the country selling her prints, searching for something she didn’t have to leave to find.

Greg Arceneaux March-April 2013

Greg Arceneaux

Master craftsman in the Creole and Acadian styles

Graham Patrick Martin March-April 2013

Graham Patrick Martin

Thibodaux native earns TV roles.