Joie d'Eve



Gut Instinct March 2017

Gut Instinct

Trying to learn to trust yourself in the age of too much information

Low-Effort Meals March 2017

Low-Effort Meals

When you just need to get kids fed

Wiggle Room March 2017

Wiggle Room

How do you approach Lent?

That’s a Wrap March 2017

That’s a Wrap

Powering Through Carnival Season

Kiddie Krewe February 2017

Kiddie Krewe

Tips for Carnival with the under-12 set

Parade Fatigue February 2017

Parade Fatigue

When you just can’t catch ‘em all anymore

Be My Realistic Valentine February 2017

Be My Realistic Valentine

A “romantic” weeknight with kids

Grammar School February 2017

Grammar School

The top 5 things I bug my kids about saying properly

Some Pig January 2017

Some Pig

A conversation with the new owner of a mini-pig

Interviewing the Future January 2017

Interviewing the Future

A 10-year-old and a 4-year-old discuss how to be a good president