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Ça C'est Bon



Weekly Pick-Me-Ups August 2018

Weekly Pick-Me-Ups

Events and activities to break routine

Bridal Shop Screening August 2018

Bridal Shop Screening

Bridal shop screens bridal movies for first fundraiser

Goodbye, Summer August 2018

Goodbye, Summer

A few activities around Acadiana before summer comes to an end

100 Years of Servitude August 2018

100 Years of Servitude

Fête-Dieu du Vermilion celebrates Diocese Centennial

(Yacht) Rock the Boat July 2018

(Yacht) Rock the Boat

Yacht rock party mixes drinks, local juggernauts

Get Inspired July 2018

Get Inspired

Choice events for creative stimulation

Variations on a Theme July 2018

Variations on a Theme

Performance piece overtakes ACA