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Summer-Fall 2010

april showers bring summer flowers

Flower trends this summer range from bright and bold to crisp and clean; either look is sure to make a splash at a warm-weather wedding.

check and mate Summer-Fall 2010

check and mate

What to do before your “I Dos” – 9 tips for your time.

Summer-Fall 2010

the tastiest of treasures

Enjoy the sweet seduction that these local jewelers have to offer.

makeup matters Summer-Fall 2010

makeup matters

Three looks and tips to ensure you look your best.

weddiquette Summer-Fall 2010


All of your wedding etiquette questions answered – no matter how awkward.

Summer-Fall 2010

slice of style

Use these summer fashions to brighten up your wedding party.

Summer-Fall 2010

coiffure creations

No matter the length, treat your tresses to a beautiful style.