Favorite Reads For the Garden, Garden



Look Stylish in the Garden Spring 2013

Look Stylish in the Garden

Go beyond boring terra cotta pots and ugly garden shoes to embrace a nice, clean look while getting your hands dirty.

Texas In Bloom March-April 2013

Texas In Bloom

On the flower trail

Upstate Louisiana Wonders March-April 2013

Upstate Louisiana Wonders

Natural treasures of Northeast Louisiana

Livin on Air Summer 2011

Livin on Air

Bromeliads flourish in the humidity of a New Orleans summer.

A Gardener’s Roots Spring 2011

A Gardener’s Roots

From Iowa to North Carolina to Missouri to New Orleans, gardening is a constant source of comfort and nourishment.

Family Roots Winter 2010

Family Roots

Flowers don’t last, but memories do.

seeds of change Spring 2010

seeds of change

With New Orleans looking toward a more hopeful future, it’s time for a new gardening aesthetic.

If life gives you rain... Fall 2009

If life gives you rain...

Between subsidence and rainstorms, both of which we have in abundance here, rain gardens make great sense.

Waterproof August 2009


Gardening without watering — in this climate? Architect Susan Neely proves it’s not only possible but also easy.

Herbal supplements July 2009

Herbal supplements

Indoor herb gardens are lovely, but serious cooks who want herbs on hand to punch up their recipes will have to look to the great outdoors.