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Frosted August 2015


Diamonds (and pearls) are still a girl’s best friend

Suit Up August 2015

Suit Up

A primer on suits and sports coats to get you from parties and the rehearsal dinner to the altar

Put A Ring In It July 2015

Put A Ring In It

Ring box keepsakes feature vintage French velvet and heirloom potential

Vintage Vows July 2015

Vintage Vows

Award-winning New Orleans Bride Magazine photo shoot

The Southern Party Favor July 2015

The Southern Party Favor

Bowtie bars and blooms are favors your wedding guests will cherish

Shows, sales and fundraisers July 2015

Shows, sales and fundraisers

A roundup of bridal events in New Orleans and beyond

Iron Maiden June 2015

Iron Maiden

Homemade lavender linen spray for pleasant pressing

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