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Missing Parent Blues September 2016

Missing Parent Blues

Advice from a kid on what to do when a parent moves away

Cupcakes I Have Made and Loved September 2016

Cupcakes I Have Made and Loved

My one real crafty talent

Fore! Recovery Golf Tournament September 2016

Fore! Recovery Golf Tournament

Bridge House / Grace House tees up to make a difference for New Orleanians dependent on alcohol or drugs.

Another Year Older September 2016

Another Year Older

Birthday reflections upon turning 36

Ancestors of Congo Square September 2016

Ancestors of Congo Square

and the legacy of African Art for New Orleans

A Losing Attitude September 2016

A Losing Attitude

Trying to lose weight or learn how not to care

A Running Contradiction September 2016

A Running Contradiction

Smashing the patriarchy; fleeing from bugs