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Joie d'Eve



Two Bears September 2018

Two Bears

A.A. Milne might have been on to something here.

Choose Your Own Catastrophe September 2018

Choose Your Own Catastrophe

The impact of mom wisdom

Mom’s Day Off September 2018

Mom’s Day Off

The “storm” gave me a priceless gift.

Growth Experiences August 2018

Growth Experiences

Watching from the sidelines as kids develop their talents and passions.

Sister Struggles August 2018

Sister Struggles

The pain and joy – and OMG, the bickering – of sisterhood

Thinking Caps Back On August 2018

Thinking Caps Back On

Five observations from our first few days

School’s Back In August 2018

School’s Back In

Sort of? Mostly? In many places? How can we make school zones speeds more obvious?

Everything That Can Go Wrong August 2018

Everything That Can Go Wrong

An exhausting few days, full of good stress and bad

Franklin Flashback July 2018

Franklin Flashback

Going to work where I went to school

Summer Longing July 2018

Summer Longing

Ruby is in St. Louis, and I am more or less bereft.