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Dinner and a Stroll October 2017

Dinner and a Stroll

An evening of enticements

Brasa Bound October 2017

Brasa Bound

South American Style on Metairie road

Hot Boudin! October 2017

Hot Boudin!

Season of the Boucherie

Halloween Spirits October 2017

Halloween Spirits

Devil’s Fire

Sugar, Spice & Everything Nice Fall 2017

Sugar, Spice & Everything Nice

Grandma’s molasses cookies are the stuff of memories for pastry chef Jeremy Fogg

Naked Lunch Fall 2017

Naked Lunch

Oysters on the half shell are on the menu this fall

Best Chefs October - November 2017

Best Chefs

There was a time when visitors from around the world were drawn to Acadiana for its unique Cajun culinary specialties. That fact remains true, but today what Acadiana’s chefs offer is more a mix of the traditional, the innovative and the international. For the 2017 installment of our Best Chefs feature, we spotlight three chefs who learned the culinary arts in their communities at the elbows of family members and two who bring a special style from abroad. Some obtained their education from formal institutions and others by simply doing. It’s a mixture that still makes Acadiana a unique culinary hub that attracts visitors to our region year after year.

mollusk memories October - November 2017

mollusk memories

Oysters three ways to share and savor

Whip it good October - November 2017

Whip it good

Enjoy a sweet, smooth, syrup-laced cocktail with holiday spices on the water’s edge

Events and Assistance September 2017

Events and Assistance

Moonlight Market and Tchouptoberfest are back in New Orleans