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Pieri Tile & Marbles Co. Winter 2014

Pieri Tile & Marbles Co.

Dina Pieri-Chevalier

The French Mix Winter 2014

The French Mix

Jennifer DiCerbo

Floor & Decor Winter 2014

Floor & Decor

Lindsay Swenson

Campbell Cabinets Winter 2014

Campbell Cabinets

B.J. Farrell and Bruce Farrell

Treading Softly Winter 2014

Treading Softly

The carpet comeback

Lounging in Luxury Winter 2014

Lounging in Luxury

Pillows, blankets and throws

Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall Winter 2014

Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall

The fairest room accessory of them all.

Style Winter 2014


Rustic Comfort November-December 2014

Rustic Comfort

Greg and Liz Arceneaux’s Covington home is filled with handmade furnishings.

Age Gauge November-December 2014

Age Gauge

Life as Older Parents

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