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Compact Living for a Big Life Spring 2013

Compact Living for a Big Life

Decorative painter Bekye Fargason chose a small living space to allow for a big studio, but it certainly doesn’t feel like a sacrifice.

Look Stylish in the Garden Spring 2013

Look Stylish in the Garden

Go beyond boring terra cotta pots and ugly garden shoes to embrace a nice, clean look while getting your hands dirty.

Molly McGuire Spring 2013

Molly McGuire

aka Magwire

Young New Orleanians Go Antiquing Spring 2013

Young New Orleanians Go Antiquing

Antique and vintage furnishings hold a growing appeal for young customers.

Tile Style April - May 2013

Tile Style

Top-notch kitchens & baths

Texas In Bloom March-April 2013

Texas In Bloom

On the flower trail

Exploring Caroline Dormon’s Legacy March-April 2013

Exploring Caroline Dormon’s Legacy

Natchitoches Parish nature preserve has her name.

Greg Arceneaux March-April 2013

Greg Arceneaux

Master craftsman in the Creole and Acadian styles

Buying by the Beach March 2013

Buying by the Beach

Is it time to buy your own place on the sand?

Home Decor March 2013

Home Decor

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