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Elegant + Eclectic = Exquisite July 2012

Elegant + Eclectic = Exquisite

Combining antiques from around the world and around the corner

A house made for Summer Summer 2012

A house made for Summer

With abundant outdoor space, Chris and Shane Guidry can take full advantage of the warmer seasons.

A Penthouse Above “The Avenue” June 2012

A Penthouse Above “The Avenue”

Lucy Mitchell’s inspired hideaway

Home: West Feliciana Whimsy May-June 2012

Home: West Feliciana Whimsy

Sam and Noelle LeBlanc’s touch of the French countryside

Home: Net Gain April 2012

Home: Net Gain

Ace gardening and a love for the game are on serve at this River Ridge home.

Last Indulgence: Boil Down Spring 2012

Last Indulgence: Boil Down

Spring in New Orleans is the prime time for the spicy, joyous celebration of a crawfish boil

Trendwatch: Green Theme Spring 2012

Trendwatch: Green Theme

There’s no time like spring to ramp up the color and bring the outdoors in

Masters of Their Craft: In A Lather Spring 2012

Masters of Their Craft: In A Lather

Local soap-maker Emily Manger Davis has a true passion for her work and for the city she calls home.

Living with Antiques: Hold Your Liquor Spring 2012

Living with Antiques: Hold Your Liquor

From antique beer bottles and vintage mini-bottles to absinthe memorabilia, the Southern Food & Beverage Museum has a vast array of boozy items on display

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