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Creole Cottage Goes Grand October 2013

Creole Cottage Goes Grand

1887 grandeur remains in modernized home

Counter Fit Fall 2013

Counter Fit

6 Stylish Kitchens and Bathrooms

Trendwatch: The Finish Line Fall 2013

Trendwatch: The Finish Line

Home Made in Louisiana September-October 2013

Home Made in Louisiana

This neoclassical-style home in Alexandria honors local craftsmanship.

From the Quarter to the Garden District September 2013

From the Quarter to the Garden District

Ruth and Michael Burke begin a new chapter in a new home.

Hideaway Above the Square August 2013

Hideaway Above the Square

The Bradys’ home away from home melds glamour and drama.

Living in Mediterranean Luxury July-August 2013

Living in Mediterranean Luxury

There’s a touch of Spain in this Shreveport home