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What Ails Louisiana September-October 2009

What Ails Louisiana

The state's 10 health problems

Carpenter’s Delight September-October 2009

Carpenter’s Delight

Stacy Lynn Shearman’s Lake Charles home reflects the creativity of the Charpentier Historic District.

Leontine Linens August 2009

Leontine Linens

Jane Scott Hodges

Waterproof August 2009


Gardening without watering — in this climate? Architect Susan Neely proves it’s not only possible but also easy.

Detail-oriented August 2009


Whatever your budget, there are many options in this city for architectural antiques, so skip the big-box stores and find something that will make your home stand out.

The old charm of the French Quarter August 2009

The old charm of the French Quarter

Not just for tourists

Renovating smart August 2009

Renovating smart

Depending on your location, location, location, appropriate renovations can bring big returns when you sell your home.

Creatures that go ‘bump’ in your house July 2009

Creatures that go ‘bump’ in your house

New Orleanians are known for great hospitality, but even we have to draw the line at welcoming rats, bats and foxes into our home.

Mid-City and City Park Neighborhoods July 2009

Mid-City and City Park Neighborhoods

The home of Jazz Fest

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