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Joie d'Eve



Slime Time Faceoff April 2018

Slime Time Faceoff

A mother-daughter debate

Dog Days April 2018

Dog Days

Reasons why I don’t want another pet right now. And reasons why I’m on the fence.

Camp Crusader March 2018

Camp Crusader

Ruby gives the hard sell on sleep-away camp.

Thoughts on Walking Up Not Out March 2018

Thoughts on Walking Up Not Out

Be kind, yes, always – but kindness alone is not the solution to the problem.

Social Media Savvy March 2018

Social Media Savvy

Is there a sure way to keep kids safe online?

Fewer Than 73 Questions March 2018

Fewer Than 73 Questions

A conversation with two NOLA girls

Exhausted Sigh in Blog Form February 2018

Exhausted Sigh in Blog Form

Why I’m not hopeful about gun reform

Mardi Gras Wrap-up February 2018

Mardi Gras Wrap-up

Saying goodbye to the perfect season

Carnival Cuisine February 2018

Carnival Cuisine

The top 5 foods of the season

Interview With a Hambassador February 2018

Interview With a Hambassador

My Best Friend Hank will be in Barkus this weekend. We caught up with him to find out more.