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Contemporary Pioneers August 2016

Contemporary Pioneers

Anne and Sellers Meric led the way in Lakewood South

Central July-August 2016


New exhibit in Alexandria

Renaissance Plan July-August 2016

Renaissance Plan

Artist, teacher, gardener, realtor andcultural advocate Herman Mhire respects the integrity of his modernist Lafayette home while overseeing its evolution.

Plantation Country July-August 2016

Plantation Country

Italian food in Baton Rouge

Greater New Orleans July-August 2016

Greater New Orleans

Dog House in New Orleans

Clothiers in Their Culinary Element August - September 2016

Clothiers in Their Culinary Element

Lafayette interior designer Justine Hebert renovates her parents’ new home to complement their gourmet devotions and relaxed lifestyle beyond the men’s fashion biz

Christal White July 2016

Christal White

Development Director, The Green Project: Paint Recycling & Salvage Building Materials

What’s Hot July 2016

What’s Hot

Summer Style

Collectors July 2016