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Owner’s Touch January 2016

Owner’s Touch

George Benedetto designed many elements of his Metairie showplace

Stones and Dolls December 2015

Stones and Dolls

The Child Whisperer December 2015

The Child Whisperer

Home For Christmas December 2015

Home For Christmas

Religious art and a chapel enrich the Canizaro residence

Don Wise December 2015

Don Wise

Owner, Louisiana Custom Closets

Buying Antiques Winter 2015

Buying Antiques

A beginner’s guide to collecting

Kitchens & Baths Winter 2015

Kitchens & Baths

To DIY or not to DIY Winter 2015

To DIY or not to DIY

That is the question

A Inspired Blend Winter 2015

A Inspired Blend

Old World, vintage and modern influences shine in a French Quarter townhouse.

Well-Played Winter 2015


Melanie and Mickey Loomis turned to designer Shaun Smith for their chateau-inspired house.

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