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Character Building Summer 2017

Character Building

Carpenter and designer Matthew Holdren creates custom wood pieces with reclaimed materials

The Historic New Orleans Collection Summer 2017

The Historic New Orleans Collection

Teresa Devlin

As You Are Summer 2017

As You Are

Logan Killen Interiors renews northshore house to reflect couple’s personalities and lifestyle

STYLE Summer 2017


Fresh Perspective Summer 2017

Fresh Perspective

Inspired by flavors of her heritage, Chef Diana Chauvin Galle puts a Thai twist on a local favorite

Face of Archictecture Summer 2017

Face of Archictecture

Julie Babin, Tracie Ashe and Wayne Troyer

Garden Rule Summer 2017

Garden Rule

Taking advantage of extension programs like the Master Gardeners of New Orleans

Face of Flooring Summer 2017

Face of Flooring

Trey Toca and Darrin Godbold

Setting the Table for Summer June 2017

Setting the Table for Summer

Five sunny table settings for hot weather entertaining