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Stephanie Hughes, MD August 2017

Stephanie Hughes, MD

Urology & Urologic Surgery

Tulane University Department of Dermatology August 2017

Tulane University Department of Dermatology

Brittany Oswald Stumpf, MD • Laura Williams, MD Erin E. Boh, MD, PhD, FAAD • Andrea Murina, MD • Zeena Al-Dujaili, MD

Sissy Sartor, MD August 2017

Sissy Sartor, MD

The Fertility Institute

Pontchartrain Orthopedics & Sports Medicine August 2017

Pontchartrain Orthopedics & Sports Medicine

Brandon Donnelly, MD • Charles Haddad, MD • Jeffrey Sketchler, MD • Joseph Finstein, MD • John Burvant, MD • Keith Melancon, MD • Harold Stokes, MD • Michael Zeringue, MD • John Carradine, MD (not pictured)

DiMarco Dental August 2017

DiMarco Dental

Damon DiMarco, DDS • Joanne G. Hoppe, DDS

Mohammad Suleman, MD August 2017

Mohammad Suleman, MD

General and Vascular Surgery

Irum Alisha Qureshi, MD August 2017

Irum Alisha Qureshi, MD

Asthma, Allergy & Immunology

Dr. Neil Maki Orthopaedics August 2017

Dr. Neil Maki Orthopaedics

Neil J. Maki, MD • Nicole O. Bourgeois, PA-C