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Almost Lost October 2009

Almost Lost

Take Me Out to the Ball Game October 2009

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

When my mom, a Wisconsin native, was 10, she memorized the entire roster of the Green Bay Packers. Even now, she’ll give me her bank card and tell me, “The PIN is Bart Starr-Max McGee.” And I’ll look at her blankly until she sighs and clarifies, “1-5-8-5.” I have the same uncanny memory for numbers –– I did my high school sweetheart’s college applications for him, so I still know his social security number, and even though she moved away a decade ago, I will remember my best friend’s old phone number on my deathbed –– but I have no passion for football. I mean, yes, of course I love the Saints. Who Dat, etc.

Vicarious Autumn October 2009

Vicarious Autumn

Preschool Blues September 2009

Preschool Blues

Small World September 2009

Small World

School ties August 2009

School ties