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Joie d'Eve



Elf Everything December 2018

Elf Everything

Fine, I caved and got the Elf on the Shelf. Now what?

Christmas Chaos November 2018

Christmas Chaos

Plans vs. Reality

My Greatest Blessings November 2018

My Greatest Blessings

Without any of my trademark cynicism, I can honestly say that my kids are the greatest reason to be thankful.

Wake Up Call November 2018

Wake Up Call

The only benefit to getting me mad about attacks of press freedom

A Dressing Down November 2018

A Dressing Down

Ruby takes on dress codes and trashy costumes

On Candy and Journalism October 2018

On Candy and Journalism

Two of my passions

Stuck in the Middle October 2018

Stuck in the Middle

Making our – yes, our – way through middle school

TMI October 2018


Technology is thwarting my efforts to be a “cool mom.”

Making Friends, Staying Friends October 2018

Making Friends, Staying Friends

My friend Jess and I didn’t exactly “meet cute,” but she is one of my dearest friends.

Surviving the News Cycle September 2018

Surviving the News Cycle

This week has been rough for many people. Keep going anyway.