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Joie d'Eve



Areas of Un-Expertise July 2018

Areas of Un-Expertise

A Uniform Solution July 2018

A Uniform Solution

With Ruby free of the constraints of a school uniform, I have no idea how I will manage.

Giving a Fig June 2018

Giving a Fig

Ways to eat one of NOLA’s most ubiquitous summer delicacies

Taking a Stand June 2018

Taking a Stand

Separating families is wrong, full stop.

Controlled Creating June 2018

Controlled Creating

A haiku a day keeps my crazy away

Junk in the Trunk June 2018

Junk in the Trunk

Third time is not the charm for camp packing

Lonely in the Middle June 2018

Lonely in the Middle

Being the caretaker of a sick parent is harder when you’re also the only surviving sibling.

Guilty Conscience May 2018

Guilty Conscience

Am I doing too much or not enough? Am I doing any of it well?

Life Skills 101 May 2018

Life Skills 101

Pulling together a list of things kids need to learn

The Dating Game May 2018

The Dating Game

Hypothetical advice for young romantics