Joie d'Eve



Red, White, and Blues July 2017

Red, White, and Blues

When the best-laid Fourth of July plans go awry

Camp Life June 2017

Camp Life

The struggles of the second year

Stormy Weather June 2017

Stormy Weather

Getting ready for hurricane season, again

Summer Eats June 2017

Summer Eats

My favorite recipes for hot weather and summer produce

Trial Run June 2017

Trial Run

Camp provides an early taste of independence for both mother and child – and it’s both good and bad.

Bye-Bye, Baby June 2017

Bye-Bye, Baby

My youngest turns 5

Camp Hacks May 2017

Camp Hacks

10 parent and camper tips for nervous first-timers

Every Comments Section May 2017

Every Comments Section

As the Monuments Come Down

Daily Madness May 2017

Daily Madness

Trying to celebrate motherhood while acknowledging the struggle

War Cry May 2017

War Cry

Please make the Mommy Wars stop.