Joie d'Eve



Cold Shoulder January 2018

Cold Shoulder

Why does it have to be so darn hard to live here?

Tween Tips January 2018

Tween Tips

Ruby, 11, offers her best tips for having a fun, safe Carnival season

Losing a Mentor January 2018

Losing a Mentor

A tribute to the woman who taught me how to be a working mom

No New Leaves December 2017

No New Leaves

Taking stock of my life as the year changes and deciding to change … nothing, really.

Stuff and Nonsense December 2017

Stuff and Nonsense

It’s absolutely an obnoxious first-world problem, but we’re drowning in cheap toys over here, with more to come next week.

All Blended Up December 2017

All Blended Up

The sorrows and joys – yes, joys – of co-parenting after divorce

Father’s Day December 2017

Father’s Day

Wisdom from my dad on his 80th birthday

Cranky Christmas December 2017

Cranky Christmas

Squelching my inner Scrooge

Ramblings and a Recipe November 2017

Ramblings and a Recipe

So much to say; so much to cook

Reading the Comments November 2017

Reading the Comments

My answers to reader concerns