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Joie d'Eve



Shipwrecked April 2018


Field trip reality vs. Jazz Fest fantasy

The Realtistic Listicle April 2018

The Realtistic Listicle

10 Paths Toward Being OKish

Slime Time Faceoff April 2018

Slime Time Faceoff

A mother-daughter debate

Dog Days April 2018

Dog Days

Reasons why I don’t want another pet right now. And reasons why I’m on the fence.

Camp Crusader March 2018

Camp Crusader

Ruby gives the hard sell on sleep-away camp.

Thoughts on Walking Up Not Out March 2018

Thoughts on Walking Up Not Out

Be kind, yes, always – but kindness alone is not the solution to the problem.

Social Media Savvy March 2018

Social Media Savvy

Is there a sure way to keep kids safe online?

Fewer Than 73 Questions March 2018

Fewer Than 73 Questions

A conversation with two NOLA girls

Exhausted Sigh in Blog Form February 2018

Exhausted Sigh in Blog Form

Why I’m not hopeful about gun reform

Mardi Gras Wrap-up February 2018

Mardi Gras Wrap-up

Saying goodbye to the perfect season