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Joie d'Eve



Reality Check October 2009

Reality Check

Almost Lost October 2009

Almost Lost

Take Me Out to the Ball Game October 2009

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

When my mom, a Wisconsin native, was 10, she memorized the entire roster of the Green Bay Packers. Even now, she’ll give me her bank card and tell me, “The PIN is Bart Starr-Max McGee.” And I’ll look at her blankly until she sighs and clarifies, “1-5-8-5.” I have the same uncanny memory for numbers –– I did my high school sweetheart’s college applications for him, so I still know his social security number, and even though she moved away a decade ago, I will remember my best friend’s old phone number on my deathbed –– but I have no passion for football. I mean, yes, of course I love the Saints. Who Dat, etc.

Vicarious Autumn October 2009

Vicarious Autumn

Preschool Blues September 2009

Preschool Blues

Small World September 2009

Small World

School ties August 2009

School ties