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Glass House by the Bayou August - September 2014

Glass House by the Bayou

A serene poolside edifice resembles a giant mirrored bird cage in the heart of Lafourche.

I’m So NOLA I Bought a House July 2014

I’m So NOLA I Bought a House

I am so New Orleans that I can never even think about living somewhere else. And that’s not a slogan or a social media gimmick. It’s just the truth.

Flower Power July 2014

Flower Power

Use blooms in your rooms to brighten the décor and the day.

(Not-So) Naked Lunch July 2014

(Not-So) Naked Lunch

Outfitting your office with tableware for more a civilized lunchtime

Art-Inspired Entertaining July 2014

Art-Inspired Entertaining

Three tables on display at Kay Kerrigan's house

Compound Assets July 2014

Compound Assets

A family that lives together, but with their own space

Mom Camp July 2014

Mom Camp

“Survivor” Edition

Summer Style July 2014

Summer Style

Backyard Bliss Summer 2014

Backyard Bliss

City Park Chic Summer 2014

City Park Chic

Steve and Ellen Frischhertz celebrate the good life in their stylish yet comfortable home along City Park Avenue.