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Jess Leigh Jewels December 2014

Jess Leigh Jewels

Jess Leigh, Owner and Designer

NOLA Couture December 2014

NOLA Couture

Cecile Hardy, Owner/Designer

New Year's Eve December 2014

New Year's Eve

a one-stop shop for planning your special night

Lounging in Luxury Winter 2014

Lounging in Luxury

Pillows, blankets and throws

Cutting Their Teeth Winter 2014

Cutting Their Teeth

Art market veterans go brick-and-mortar with Tooth & Nail Trading Co.

Style Winter 2014


Vintage Vows Winter 2014

Vintage Vows

Vintage-Inspired Gowns for the Southern Bride

Suit Trends for the Groom Winter 2014

Suit Trends for the Groom

When it comes to the groom and his men, it’s ok to sway from the traditional tuxedo.

Melissa Coleman November 2014

Melissa Coleman

Owner & Buyer, Clover

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