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Tops of Acadiana October - November 2016

Tops of Acadiana

Sips and Slurps September 2016

Sips and Slurps

Short news items in small doses

What Else is in There? September 2016

What Else is in There?

“Pure” is Almost Never the Case

Seasonal Colors September 2016

Seasonal Colors

Football Versus Nature

Deep Dark Secrets August 2016

Deep Dark Secrets

Keeping It Good

Always More to Learn August 2016

Always More to Learn

Surprise! Michigan Has Good Wines

Cocktail Hour August 2016

Cocktail Hour

Drink Lab offers up fun option for date night, bachelor and bachelorette parties

Tales Twice-Told and Done August 2016

Tales Twice-Told and Done

Another, and Final, Report on Tales of the Cocktail

Beer is for Lovers August 2016

Beer is for Lovers

Say I-Do to brew with a New Orleans-style craft beer bar at your reception