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Crescent City Physicians August 2017

Crescent City Physicians

Ellen Zakris, MD • Rebecca Perret, MD • Salvador Caputto, MD • Donna Waters, MD • Christopher Lege, MD • Pui “Joan” Cheng, MD • Louis Paul DuTreil, MD • Not pictured: Richard Vanlangendonck, MD • William Von Almen, MD

Jansen Plastic Surgery August 2017

Jansen Plastic Surgery

David A. Jansen, MD • Ravi Tandon, MD • John P. Guste, MD • Ruth Owens, MD

Dr. B. Steele Rolston, MD August 2017

Dr. B. Steele Rolston, MD

Asthma, Allergy, & Immunology

Lakefront Dental Care August 2017

Lakefront Dental Care

Stephen J. Delahoussaye, DDS • Sarah Haydel, DDS

Irum Alisha Qureshi, MD August 2017

Irum Alisha Qureshi, MD

Asthma, Allergy & Immunology

DiMarco Dental August 2017

DiMarco Dental

Damon DiMarco, DDS • Joanne G. Hoppe, DDS

B. Gerard Woodrich, LCSW August 2017

B. Gerard Woodrich, LCSW

Positive Family Solutions

Tulane University Department of Dermatology August 2017

Tulane University Department of Dermatology

Brittany Oswald Stumpf, MD • Laura Williams, MD Erin E. Boh, MD, PhD, FAAD • Andrea Murina, MD • Zeena Al-Dujaili, MD