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Recipe for Disaster July 2017

Recipe for Disaster

Filling station food and botulism

Aching In The Rain June 2017

Aching In The Rain

Weather-related joint pain

Archers Make Ready June 2017

Archers Make Ready

Straight As An Arrow

Five Facts: Stroke May-June 2017

Five Facts: Stroke

Louisianians are vulnerable to stroke, so know the risks and the signs

Eye of the Beholder March-April 2017

Eye of the Beholder

Regular eye examinations can help catch issues before the damage is done

Soldiering On March-April 2017

Soldiering On

Baton Rouge military-veteran-turned-doctor dedicates herself to saving people’s soles

Current Influences March 2017

Current Influences

Fashion and flare along Magazine Street

Roach Buster March 2017

Roach Buster

The bait debate

Heart to Heart February 2017

Heart to Heart

conversation with a cardiologist