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Pre-Wedding Yoga January 2018

Pre-Wedding Yoga

Unwind your body and mind with a pre-wedding yoga routine

Love is in the Air January 2018

Love is in the Air

Porter Lyons debuts third jewelry line and is throwing a party

Limited Engagement January 2018

Limited Engagement

Date nights at the theater set the stage for a romantic wedding planning period

Anglophiles in the Isle: Part 7 January 2018

Anglophiles in the Isle: Part 7

Showing Up January 2018

Showing Up

New Orleans bridal boutiques announce trunk shows and showcases

Food Truck Eats January 2018

Food Truck Eats

Food trucks add novelty and fun-factor to wedding receptions and after parties

Double Vision January 2018

Double Vision

The history behind the traditional bridal party

Makeup Must-Haves January 2018

Makeup Must-Haves

“Classically beautiful” is the most requested makeup look by brides. Classic looks that will last until the last guest has left are easier to achieve when you have the right makeup. Here are our top picks for the best new products: