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Classically Beautiful Winter-Spring 2017

Classically Beautiful

Bridal hair that stands the test of time

Historic Charm Winter-Spring 2017

Historic Charm

Wedding venues and places to prep steeped in history and beauty

Straight Shooters Winter-Spring 2017

Straight Shooters

Tips from the pros choosing your photographer

Stay Golden Winter-Spring 2017

Stay Golden

Gilded gifts for your maids or yourself

Sweet Farewell Winter-Spring 2017

Sweet Farewell

Artisanal honey makes goodbye a little sweeter

Minis and Multiples Winter-Spring 2017

Minis and Multiples

Travel-sized versions of the best beauty products to keep you glam from the aisle to the isles

Let Them Eat Cake! Winter-Spring 2017

Let Them Eat Cake!

A lavish Marie Antoinette-inspired wedding day set at Stella Plantation, fit for a queen

Good to the Last Bite Winter-Spring 2017

Good to the Last Bite

Fab after-party food to keep your guests fed and fueled for the night

Big Day Benevolence Winter-Spring 2017

Big Day Benevolence

White Hall Plantation offers southern-style charm with a side of charitable giving

Belly Up Winter-Spring 2017

Belly Up

Four hot cocktail trends for wedding receptions