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Now Trending Summer-Fall 2017

Now Trending

Stay on point with runway makeup that carries timeless appeal

The Long and Short of It Summer-Fall 2017

The Long and Short of It

Choosing the best wedding ‘do for hair any length

Make It A Double Summer-Fall 2017

Make It A Double

Classic libations to start the celebration

Small Packages Summer-Fall 2017

Small Packages

If variety is the spice of life, small plates are the way to go

Modern Love Summer-Fall 2017

Modern Love

Nine chic, contemporary spaces for a New Orleans wedding that wows

Bridal Resources Summer-Fall 2017

Bridal Resources

to help you with all your wedding planning needs

Makeup Magic Summer-Fall 2017

Makeup Magic

The season’s hottest makeup for you and your maids

Fantastic Voyage Summer-Fall 2017

Fantastic Voyage

Transportation basics to get you (and your guests) to the church on time

Romance on Royal Summer-Fall 2017

Romance on Royal

Combine the city’s rich history, unique Creole culture and jazz traditions, add an architectural gem like Latrobe’s on Royal, then mix in dazzling diamonds and fresh frocks to create an unforgettable celebration

Digital Matters Summer-Fall 2017

Digital Matters

What to do about technology and social media on your Big Day